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Zarges Steps & Ladders


Why use Zarges steps & ladders?

Zarges is the largest manufacturer of access equipment in Europe. The company dates back to the early 1930s, when two brothers set up a metal fabrications business in Southern Germany, where the first production run aluminium ladders were produced. Today, the Zarges group dominates the European market and manufactures over 500 types of access equipment products.

Zarges (UK) probably carries the widest range of ladders, steps, work platforms and towers (with an assurance of quality you can rely on.) Stringent standards are maintained throughout the design, manufacture and quality control processes to bring their customers the best products available.

Skyreach Access Solutions include the Zarges products in our portfolio as they are the best product on the market. Whilst not the cheapest they offer the best value for money and due to the nature of their fabrication are a cost effective investment of your money.

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