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Safe Use & Inspection of Ladders and Steps


Ladders and Steps training Overview:

  • Duration - minimum 5 hours
  • PPE required
  • Certificate provided
  • On site training available

Ladders and Steps training Course Aims:

  1. To state the main aims of the Health & Safety at Work Acts 1974, WAH Regulations 2005, guidance notes and any associated regulations
  2. To enable the user to understand their responsibilities for working and creating safe systems while using this type of access equipment

Ladders and Steps training Course Content:

  • Introduction –why the need for ladders and steps training?
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (sections 2 & 7)
  • Work-At-Height Regulations 2005
  • RIDDOR Regulations 1995
  • HSE GS31 –Ladders, steps and staging
  • BS 1129 1982 –Portable Timber Ladders, Steps, Trestle and Staging
  • Ladder sections –correct overlap
  • Introducing systems of inspection
  • Correct ladder angles
  • Tying of ladders
  • Use of ladders / steps
  • Hazards –accidents
  • Safe systems of work
  • Storage of ladders
  • Footing and carrying
  • Assessment paper

Additional Requirements:

Each candidate requires a safety helmet, boots and any necessary Personal Protective Equipment in ladders and steps training.

If ladders and steps training is to be carried out on site, a suitable room and area would be required for the theory and practical sessions in ladders and steps training.

For on site ladders and steps training the client is responsible for supplying equipment in good working order that meets all current regulations and guidance.

Certificate will be issued for a 5 year period on successful completion of the ladders and steps training course.

To find out more on Ladders and Steps training or book your work at height course contact one of the team 0844 357 7145

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Platform Height 
New / Used 



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