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Speedy 80 3T Mobile Folding Access Tower 1.8m

Speedy 80 3T Mobile Folding Access Tower 1.8m

The Speedy 80 3T unit is a folding scaffold tower ideal for trade or DIY/Home use both indoors and out.

The base unit conveniently folds so it can easily be transported on a roof rack or inside most trade vans and manoeuvred through standard doorways.

The tower comes complete with a set of lockable wheels making it simple to move around, position and set up,

NEW - the 3T Speedy 80 scaffold tower replaces the previous version,

Each platform height, made up of different module packs, includes all the necessary parts to build the tower safely. In order to achieve this the contents of Packs 2, 3 and 4 have changed,

Speedy1003T - unchanged

Speedy2003T - Pack 2 has extra 2 guardrail braces and 4 toeboards

Speedy3503T - Pack 3 has an additional platform and 4 guardrail braces and no longer contains the toeboards and guardrails now contained in Pack 2

Speedy5003T - Pack 4 no longer contains a platform or guardrail braces, these are included with Pack 3


Working heights up to 7 metres

Easy to use locking braces and guardrails

Stabilisers included at 3.5 metres platform height and above

Folding base for speedy erection

Platform size: 1.41 m x 0.55 m

Outside dimensions excluding stabilisers: 1.78 m x 0.78 m

Scaffolding category 3 (load capability up to 200 kg / sqm) to EN 1004

Complete Tower    
Product Platform Max. Pack
Code Height Work Ht Combinations
Speedy1003T 0.95m 2.95m 1
Speedy2003T 1.80m 3.80m 1 + 2
Speedy3503T 3.50m 5.50m 1 + 2 + 3
Speedy5003T 5.15m 7.15m 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Individual pack contents
Product Pack  
Code Number Description
2408311 1 FB, TP, DB
2408312 2 2 x EF, 5 x HB, 1 x DB, 4 x TB
2408313 3 2 x EF, 4 x HB, 2 x DB, 4 x ST, 1 x TP
2408314 4 2 x EF, 3 x DB
FB = Folding Base  
TP = Trapdoor Platform
DB = Diagonal Brace
HB = Horizontal Brace
EF = End Frames  
TB = Toboard  
ST = Stabilisers  

Carriage terms: carriage included, excludes the Channel Islands, The Isle of Man and the Western Isles. Next day delivery £30.

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Platform Height 
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