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Instant Span 500 Ladder Frame

Instant Span 500 Ladder Frame

WIDTH 0.85m
LENGTH 2.00m
PLAT. HT 8.20m

The Instant Zip-Up Span 500 ladder frame is a highly adaptable fastrack mobile scaffold tower system featuring 500mm rung spacings.

Zip-Up Span 500 ladder frame towers can be constructed in 0.5m increments and do not need seperate guardrails, giving greater flexibility and less inventory to stock.

The Z configuration bracing enables quick, trouble free assembly while providing a very rigid structure.

stant Zip-Up towers are made using world class manufacturing techniques and ISO 9001 quality accreditation. Fully compliant with HD1004, load class 3.


Rib-Grip cold formed joints

Three times stronger than welded joints, at the heart of the Zip-Up tower frames and braces, is the unique Rib-Grip joint system. Tubes are crimped at very high pressure onto annual grooves on the inside or outside diameters of cast fittings by computer controlled presses giving consistent high strength joints.

Tests carried out by an independent laboratory compared the performance of Rib-Grip joints with traditional welded types with following results:

Static load tests show rib-grip joints have a tensile strength three times greater than a welded joint

Under repetitive dynamic loading, rib-grip joints can withstand 250,000 cycles without cracking – most welded joints failed after only 2,000 cycle

It is this level of durability which enables each Zip-Up tower to be backed by a 10 year guarantee on all frame joints.

Locking Castors

High quality castors fitted with non-marking polypropylene tyres have foot-operated brakes. They are easy to use and lock positively to prevent movement of the tower when in working position.

TX 2000 Platforms

The Zip-Up lightweight platform provides all round edge protection and features an integral wind lock clip ensuring stability. Hooks and other components can be easily replaced should damage occur by simply removing a few screws.

Adjustable Legs

A choice of 400mm or 600mm of height adjustment is provided by Zip-Up’s Quick-Adjust legs. The lever type adjuster locks automatically and once loaded.

Locking Hooks

All hooks are fitted with easy to use quick release catches which automatically engage when the hook is placed on the frame tube. The highly developed design gives a contact area of over 225 degrees for maximum tower rigidity.

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