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Genie AWP25S Aerial Work Platform

Genie AWP25S Aerial Work Platform

A range of vertical personnel lifts with working heights up to 14m, these machine have been designed to provide ultra compact dimensions to allow access through a standard single doorway.

Each unit is light enough to be manually manoeuvred in to position ready for quick and easy deployment.

They also enjoy simple push button controls and low ground level entry.

This lift is a very cost effective solution for all maintenance duties.


Ridgid Mast - provides comfort and security for the user at all working heights. It is constructed of durable extruded aluminium for years of reliable use. Field adjustable and easy to maintain.

Small Footprint design - allows for positioning as close as 3 in (8 cm) from walls.Rocker Base System is an exclusive six-point wheel and caster system which offers unmatched maneuverability around corners, over thresholds and around job site debris.

Doorway Access - AWP 20/25/30 models roll through standard doorways without being tilted back. The patented gas shock tilt-back system provides easy access through standard doorways for AWP 36/40 models. A tilt back option is available for standard base 20/25/30 models.

Easy Loading - on to pick-up trucks and trailers which enables the unit to be transported around the site or from one site to another.

Parameters of Product: Machine Finder
Type Vertical Personnel Lifts
Platform Height 6-10 meters
Outreach 0-1 meters
Power Electric
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Platform Height 
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YOM 2017 JLG 20MSP stockpicker for sale, 0.75m wide, 7.8m w/ht, 160kg capacity, 45kg material tray capacity…

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