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JLG Toucan 1210 Self Propelled Mast Lift

JLG Toucan 1210 Self Propelled Mast Lift

The JLG Toucan™ mast boom lift is a vertical lift with a difference.

Although the lift raises and lowers vertically, it has the added advantage of a turntable that rotates over 340 degrees at the base of the mast for precise positioning and, at the top of the mast, a jib boom that provides the platform with additional up-and-over outreach.

All in all, it is one of the most versatile lifts, with a compact body that is extremely manoeuvrable in and out of tight spaces.

The steel mast design is incredibly strong, providing an extremely rigid support for the platform and for the comfort of the operator. This is a truly versatile aerial work platform for use in all kinds of retail and industrial applications.


Rotating steel-roller vertical mast with jib lets you reach into spaces denied to other lifts.

Telescopic jib and powered platform rotate provide increased versatility.

Full-traction battery pack contributes to longer duty cycles.

Proportional drive plus variable speed controls assist in jobsite positioning

Parameters of Product: Machine Finder
Type Self Propelled Vertical Mast Booms
Platform Height 10-14 meters
Outreach 3-6 meters
Power Electric
New / Used New

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Platform Height 
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YOM 2017 JLG 20MSP stockpicker for sale, 0.75m wide, 7.8m w/ht, 160kg capacity, 45kg material tray capacity…

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