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Power Tower

Power Tower

Designed for working on internal applications on flat surfaces, the Power Tower does not need outriggers or stabilisers.

Automatically locking castors that lock on elevation, enable quicker, safer set-up. When closed its heavy duty 200mm castors mean that it is easilty manouvered to the next application.

At only 1.5m x 0.78m x 1.92m the Power Tower comfortably passes through standard single doorways, narrow aisles and will fit into most passanger lifts.

In its most popular form the Power Tower is battery powered, giving approximately 120 full cycles from a single charge. An on-board automatic charger is provided to recharge overnight, although the Power Tower can be safely recharged during operation.

'Make life easy', Push into position, step into the platform, press a button. Simple. Safe.


  • 3.1m platform height, 5.1m working height
  • 250kg safe working load (1 person)
  • Compact - only 0.78m wide, passes easily through standard doorways
  • Large 1.5m x 0.65m platform size
  • Only 0.78m x 1.5m working footprint
  • Heavy duty auto-lock castors provide a secure base

Parameters of Product: Machine Finder
Type Push Around Lifts
Platform Height 0-4 meters
Outreach 0-1 meters
Power Electric
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Machine Finder

Platform Height 
New / Used 



YOM 2017 JLG 20MSP stockpicker for sale, 0.75m wide, 7.8m w/ht, 160kg capacity, 45kg material tray capacity…

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