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Our office is closed for the festive season at 5pm on Friday 21st December 2018 and we re-open again at 9am on Wednesday 2nd Janaury 2019

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 


New industry forum backed by UK Government


To be launched this autumn is a new industry forum aimed at bringing together the UK government and UK construction industry to help deliver the country’s National Infrastructure Plan (NIP).
Chief secretary to the treasury, Danny Alexander, announced on September 23, the new National Infrastructure Plan Strategic Engagement Forum (NIPSEF) will be co-chaired by Dr Nelson Ogunshakin from the Infrastructure Alliance on behalf of industry and by Mr Alexander on behalf of the government.

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Don't fall into the liability trap


Follow the four ‘A’s – assess, avoid, attenuate, and advise – and you should go a large way to protecting yourself from prosecution and/or civil claims arising from a fall from height.
That was the message Weightmans solicitor Peter Forshaw gave during his Legal Arena session on avoiding liability where work-at-height activity is involved.

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Buy Genie Scissor Lift Online

It is not an everyday occurrence when one needs to purchase a Genie Scissor lift, but when a company needs to order one, things can be a little chaotic if you do not know where to start the shopping process.

Genie Scissor lifts will help people complete many different projects in the construction and maintenance professions. The Genie scissor lift was created in 1966 when compressed air was used to raise and lower different types of scaffolds. People seemed to be amazed at the “magic” of the movement that was created with the compressed air leaving the company to name the new machinery the Genie scissor lift.

The Genie Scissor lift is normally a large piece of equipment that many would never think to purchase online, but this is the 21st century and people have even begun to buy Genie Scissor lift online. As a business owner or a manager you do not want to buy just any Genie scissor lift off of any old site. You should do your research first. When you are searching the web you might want to search for Genie scissor lifts for sale UK. This will narrow your search to the sites and companies that are located somewhere in the UK. Having the company located close to you will cut shipping costs and will allow you to receive better customer service if needed. is a site that allows people to buy Genie scissor lift online. The company that sells these large pieces of equipment has a great customer service report and sales advice. The best part is their company is located in the UK, which means if you buy Genie scissor lift for sale UK at you will be able to get what you need quickly and you will be able to receive customer service in a timely manner. offers a plethora of different equipment and they even sell refurbished units that your company can purchase at a cheaper cost. The site is easy to navigate and there is a customer service number located right on the home page if you prefer to speak with a person about your requirements, prices, or any other concerns. The site also offers a wide range of different name brands. This is great for the consumer because they have the pick of many different manufacturers allowing you to compare the very best lifts available in the UK market.


'Perfect storm' warning for UK construction


A return to growth for UK construction output in 2014 will happen only after a further decline of almost 6%, according to the latest Construction Industry Forecasts published by the UK's Construction Products Association.
It claimed that UK construction was set to endure what it described as "a perfect storm" over the next 18 months - deep public sector cuts and a slowdown in private sector activity.

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JLG 10MSP vs Crown Wave


There are many stock pickers on the market today. Stock pickers are used in warehouses, hospitals, and stores to provide a safe and effective way for employees to perform tasks such as stock picking and general maintenance. Two of the most common stock pickers are the Crown Wave and the JLG 10MSP; but how do you know which one will be the best choice for your business.

The JLG 10MSP is designed to eliminate the need for any other reaching devices for a variety of tasks including stockpiling and facility maintenance. It has a zero turn maneuver ability with its counter rotating rear drive and its one hand drive due to the JLG Point & Go single joy stick control which operates both the drive and the steer, as well as, the elevation and descent with variable up and down speeds makes it a dream to control and provides quick speed for height adjustment. It has a five times longer life than other models due to its heavy planetary gear drive.

This stock picker has two maintenance free deep cycle batters that allow for a longer battery life with a built in automatic charger that allows for a very fast charge of only five hours. The JLG 10MSP has a ten foot platform height with a sixteen foot working height and a heavy carrying capacity of a total weight of 850 pounds.

The Crown Wave has been designed to help you work faster, wiser, and safer. It has a 200 pound tray load capacity and a deck capacity weight of 250 pounds and operator compartment of 300 pounds. The multi control handle with twist grip with left hand steering. This design is to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. It has a thumb button for raising and lowering as well as activating the horn. It has a 118 inch platform height and can elevate up to seventeen feet. It has the capability of turning within its own radius and comes with a twenty four volt battery system with a built in charger.

It’s true that both of these types of stock pickers are quite capable of getting most jobs done for any employee and is capable of providing the assistance with safety in mind. So whether you are looking to replace a ladder or other reaching tool, either machine can be a great replacement. They both claim to do the job fast and safely. Both companies come with customer support to answer any questions you may have in regards to these products.

When comparing the two cost, warranty, and customer service should be a factor one should consider. It is also a good idea to read some product reviews that can be helpful in making the right choice. There is a lot of information available on the internet plus you can request brochures from the companies themselves that will explain pertinent information in regards to the JLG 10MSP or Crown Wave, as well as, other models of stock pickers.


Here at Sky Reach Access we specialise in all aspects of Working At Height, so for some free impartial advice why not give us a call today on 0844 3577 415.


Don't let a fall shatter your life


Since 2001, an average of 50 people in Great Britain have died each year as a result of a fall from height and a further 8,702 are seriously injured. Don't let a fall shatter your life!
If you don't work at height very often or are unsure about which type of access equipment to use, it's important that you assess the risks and select the right equipment for the job.

WAIT - (Work at height Access equipment Information Toolkit) shows you some possible solutions.

Find out more -

Scaffolders Call for more regulation


The scaffolding industry is calling for work at height regulations to be tightened in a similar way to the gas installation industry.

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation trade body has called on Government to introduce important changes to the proposed Work at Height Regulation 2013.

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Which equipment should you use to work at Height?


Do you need to work at height but not sure which equipment to use?

Worried you can not trust the advice of a company trying to sell to you?

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Worker hung on for life during scaffold collapse


"The director of a dissolved scaffolding company has been prosecuted after two workers were injured during a scaffold collapse in Nottingham.

The two men, who wish to remain anonymous, were dismantling a tower scaffold outside student accommodation on Radford Boulevard, when it collapsed on 24 January 2011.

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Can you afford a fall from height?


As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that you employees are working at height safely. Not only is this a risk to the well being of your team but it also a rick to your bottom line.

This recent case highlights the consequence of inadequate work at height provision:

"A building firm from Stratford-upon-Avon has been prosecuted after a worker suffered severe injuries when he fell from a damaged scaffolding plank at a site in South Warwickshire.

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Launch of HSE's cost-recovery scheme put back by six months


The HSE fail to launch their new Fees Intervention scheme this April. This article explains why:

"The HSE's 'Fees for Intervention' (FFI) scheme, under which it plans to recover its investigation costs from businesses it finds to be in breach of health and safety law, will not now start in April, as originally planned.

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