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POP Up Products


Why use POP Up Products Access equipment?

POP Up Products are an independent UK company based in the North West; a small dedicated team where their combined industry experience totals over 150 years. They are active members of the important industry leading associations of PASMA and IPAF. In 2010  the Pop Up brand went global, partnering with powered access giant - Snorkel. While we retain the UK market, this close working relationship, allows Pop Up marketing and distribution to have a global presence.

POP Up Products have been specialising in low-level access products and solutions since the mid-1970’s. We develop and supply safe and simple quality access products, with our Pop Up aluminium tower range (formerly known as Eiger) and our range of award winning Pop Up lifts. As the first to manufacture mini push around lifts, we created the low-level access market in which we remain market leaders today.

Skyreach Access Solutions include the POP Up Products range in our portfolio as they are the go to referenece point in the push around and tower market from their unrivalled industry experience.

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