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Machine Service & Inspections


All modern powered access platforms are designed to provide you with years of reliable service.

However, many of our customers have asked that we provide further peace of mind by providing a service and inspection agreement that offers regular scheduled service inspections from experienced engineers.

Our Skyreach Annual Service & Examination Agreement ensures your machine receives regular scheduled services and that you comply with all regulations relating to your platform.

Why do I need a service agreement?

Our Annual Service & Examination Agreement is the easiest way for you to get the most out of your investment without worrying about regular maintenance work, documentation and service regulations.

How does our Service & Examination Agreement help you comply with the Regulations?

Regulation 9 of the LOLER Regulations 1998 states; • 3a1) every employer shall ensure that lifting equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in dangerous situations is….thoroughly examined… the case of lifting equipment for lifting persons or an accessory for lifting, at least every 6 months.

Our Annual Service & Examination Agreement ensures your machine receives a recommended service and thorough examination every 6 months for compliance with LOLER 1998.

Regulation 5 of the PUWER Regulations 1998 states;

  • (1) every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and good repair
  • (2) every employer shall ensure that where any machinery any machinery has a maintenance log, the log is kept up-to-date.

Our Annual Service & Examination Agreement provides an ongoing programme of maintenance and a full servicing record for full compliance with PUWER 1998.

What does our Annual Service & Examination Agreement cover?

Our service agreements are tailored to the individual needs of our clients but typically they include:

  1. 2 x on site services and thorough examinations per annum, at 6 monthly intervals.
  2. Mechanical, electrical and safety checks as recommended by the manufacturer when servicing and inspecting the machine.
  3. The agreement includes labour and travel required for routine servicing and thorough examinations. Any parts, labour or travel outside those required for routine servicing and thorough examinations are chargeable.
  4. We will carry out the work at your premises and you will be left with an engineers report detailing the work carried out and notes on any repair or remedial work required.
  5. We will provide a formal written quotation for any repair or remedial work necessary and will only carry out this work with your prior approval.
  6. Accidental damage and misuse are not covered by this agreement.
  7. Breakdown cover is not included as part of this agreement.
  8. We will instruct the nominated representative on the routine care and maintenance of the machine.

The above applies to normal working hours, Monday to Friday only. We appreciate the nature of your business and will programme the routine service work to suit with regard to dates and times. 

This is an examination only and we do not carry out any repairs to damaged components.

Contact one of our team to see how we can support your business.

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